MISSION - Behind the scenes

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"Behind the Scenes / Dietro le quinte" was created by three friends and colleagues with the aim of giving voice to all the workers of the showbusiness and to all the people that contribute to the success of an event, a concert, a festival, in a theatre, in a stadium. We give the voice to all the entertainment sector.
Men and women, parents, professionals, tireless workers and often invisible.

The health crisis has been overwhelmed us and that is not yet completely eradicated. It has also turned into an economic crisis and this is the reason why our mission / our message is to bring all together , all of the show business workers of the: audio, video, lighting, riggers, managements, production office staff, security auditors, agencies….
How we do it?
Spreading to all the world our work, let people know what we do. We are involving the Artists who with their testimony can go directly to the hearts of the fans, who are the vital fulcrum of the whole sector.

Ours is an adventure, but this is not the first one. This wants to be the consequence of thousands of kilometres we have been travelled around the world to bring our professional skills and joy to the audience.
During this time, we have been supported by musicians and artists. They understood our idea and shared it around. They have sent messages of appreciation and respect to our work.

Please do not forget that behind every artist, and show operators there is a family, who always is economically dependent of the work of technicians and musicians.

"Behind the scenes" is a dream. The dream of restarting our work with even more passion than before. It is also the dream of many artists to go back on stage to show that we can be a great team together.
If everything works and there is harmony, the show will be great.
Our sector, artists, and operators will start stronger than before.

Behind the scenes.
Paolo Talami (Red)
Massimo Vigliotti (Max)
Vittorio Magro (Vitty)
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